Fedde's 'So Much Love' More Than Just a Song

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Fedde’s ‘So Much Love’ More Than Just a Song

So Much Love is a message

The song ‘So Much Love’ by Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand is the epitome of the Patronage lifestyle. The first time I heard this song, I was standing in the middle of a crowd of lovers – love for the culture, love for the music and love for each other. I’ve never been so embraced by the moment, as fans were breathing in the true aspects of PLUR. I witnessed the spirit of my peers, as the lovers formed hearts in the sky, showing their approval for the music. It was then, in that very moment, I experienced euphoria – a magical feeling of rapture. And oh, did it taste so sweet…

As the rush took over my body, I realized the tune was much more than an electronic composition. The song was much more than a beat –  it was a message. A statement. A plea. The song was an expression of love. Before all the money. Before all the travel. Before all the parties, the DJ’s had to develop the passion. The DJ’s had to love the music and the culture. Isn’t that what it’s all about? The love? Fedde Le Grand promotes the love with this song.

In fact, what makes the EDM culture so prominent is the virality of the love. The fact that you can attend an EDM festival with three friends and leave with twenty new friends is something that just doesn’t happen at concerts of other genres. It’s something non-EDM enthusiasts will unfortunately never experience, and something us ‘ravers’ can find comfort in. My own love for the culture has led me to spread Fedde’s message.

So Much Love on a T-Shirt

I created this t-shirt in appreciation for Fedde’s message. I don’t think I’ll have that exact feeling ever again, and I owe Fedde Le Grand for that experience. The tee has had such a wonderful response and the highlight of the shirt’s creation was when Fedde Le Grand retweeted the design to all of his followers. I’m happy he gave me his approval!

The shirt itself is a V-NECK and the t-shirt is available for pre-order now on the Patronage Shop Page. Show how much love you have for Fedde and the music by ordering your shirt now!

So Much Love

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